About me


My name is David Pérez (Aiden Lie), I started in the world of illustration as an autodidact until I was able to access the Artediez school in Madrid and train there professionally with a higher degree in plastic arts and design.

These studies led me to a nomination for the Extraordinary Awards for Plastic Arts and Design of the Community of Madrid and opened the doors for me to start working for Principia Magazine's print magazine, where I continue to illustrate its articles. 

Later I studied a master's degree in concept art, where I learnt character design, scenery and 3D modelling. I have recently illustrated a children's book for Babidibu publishing house and I am currently working for Armchair Historian creating illustrations for 2D animated videos. 

I would like to develop my career as a concept artist and I am looking forward to working to improve my skills and abilities.


You can download my CV here: